Welcome to the Atlas Clan of Clans. This site is for managing the two clans #SugarRushDrag! and secondGroup. This site will show great detail into these clans. You will be able to search the clan info, current war they are in, and their current CWL match ups.

I will be using the whole API of Clash of Clans for this site, so what you see is what you get, unless its a combination of things on this site that I haven't built yet. Some of the things not in the Clash of Clans API is a break down of each attack in Clan War League (CWL). The current Classic War API pull can get some great stats to look at, but only matchups are available for CWL as of 2020-10-22.

Using the site

2021-04-15 Inital Beta launch: Current War and Clan Details for both clans is working